About James David Cohn

I grew up on the beaches of South Florida except for a spell when my family lived on the sprawling grounds of a state mental hospital in Maryland which my father superintended. My playmates on those gentle hills were paranoids and psychotics. In high school I listened to bossa nova and Monk while my classmates turned on, tuned in, and dropped out; and as soon as New College in Sarasota accepted me, I dropped out too, leaving high school to study cinematography in Italy. My year abroad lasted two weeks but I discovered Patchen and Ferlinghetti while I was walking around Paris and Rome trying to look literary.

I entered New College a putative physics major and emerged a humanities major. I didn’t see much difference between the two disciplines, viewing the arrangement of electrons in orbit shells as not much different from the arrangement of words on a page, both obeying the laws of eternal necessity.

I went to Hebrew Union College a putative linguist and emerged a rabbi. Sermon means word so it seemed a good fit.

Voices have always intrigued me, the prophetic ones and the didactic ones and the storytelling ones. My Amazon Kindle ebook, Minds of the Bible: Speculations on the Cultural Evolution of Human Consciousness, explores the nature of interiority and self-reflection, themes that are central to my fiction as well.

Photo credit: Robin Martin

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